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Our Mission

The New Kent Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization exists to support the education, social, extracurricular, and community of the students, faculty, staff, administrators at NKES.  Our mission is to help every student, family, teacher, and staff member understand how valued they are as a member of the NKES community.  We work to create the kind of school community where teachers and administrators can do their best work—and so can our children. 

Our Goals

These days schools are asked to provide more with less; so we step in to help bridge that gap and provide resources they need.  We help create additional learning opportunities for children.  The PTO has provided educational hardware and software purchases, classroom supplies, play ground equipment, and other important items for our students and school.  We are able to do this through the support and generosity of our families during our fundraising events like the Fall Festival, Book Fair, Holiday Shop, Coin Wars, Yearbook Sales and your Membership Payments. 


And we strive to build the kind of supportive, caring atmosphere that makes school fun.  Our goal through hosting events like Bingo for Books is to give families an opportunity to come in and have the opportunity to socialize and meet other families.  We also host events like the Reptile Man and student assemblies to encourage academic growth of our students.  We partner with the school to provide events like Field Day and 5th Grade celebration as well. 

Through the help of NKES families, the NKES PTO has been able to support the NKES community for decades.  We look forward to continuing that tradition with you.  We all have a common bond.  We care about creating the best possible educational experience for our children.  We are neighbors and friends.  Join us!

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Meet the   PTO Board


Lauren Paone


I am a mom to two wonderful girls, ages 7 and 5 but before committing to the “mom life,” I was a third-grade teacher in Florida and then an Elementary Technology Specialist in Massachusetts. Not only do I understand what it’s like to be a teacher but I understand the logistics of a school on the staff’s side as I went back to college and received my masters in Educational Leadership. To say I’m excited to be back in a school helping wherever I am needed is an understatement!  This will be my second year as the PTO president! We had such an amazing year last year and I plan to keep the momentum going! Our PTO team is ready to create a memorable year not only for our students but for our staff as well. 

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Melissa Hummel

Vice President

I have two New Kent Elementary School students, one in 4th grade and one in 2nd. We moved to New Kent County in 2021 and love it here! I am originally from Tallahassee, FL where I  graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Physical Education, focusing on Sports Management. I worked in college athletics for 8 years and then a few years on the academic side. I love the staff at NKES and find serving on the PTO board to be so fulfilling! The ladies I serve with truly want the very best for our staff and students and work tirelessly to make it happen.


Brittany Gutierrez


This will be my third year involved with the PTO. I do however have a degree in Accounting to help support my role as Treasurer. I am excited to work with a wonderful group of parents to ensure the school year is fabulous. I have three New Kent students, one in 12th, one in 6th, and one in 3rd, along with a baby boy who will be a river otter before we know it! I am an accountant by trade and love working with numbers. I currently work from home which allows for more time with my girls. On a personal note, I am an avid scrapbooker, travel lover, LOVE sign frequenter, and I enjoy traveling and finding new places with my kiddos. I was born and raised in Williamsburg, graduated from Bruton, and have lived in Alaska as well as Ohio. I look forward to serving with the board to make this school year ROCK!

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